Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chicken and Powerball

It was definitely a day for Chic-fil-A, so I wandered down to the Bat Building for a little chicken. I thought I'd grab a picture of the new SunTrust building that looms over the Ryman these days.

And I turned slightly north and grabbed a picture of the fountain in the Bellsouth Plaza and the front side of the Viridian in the background, and the US Bank building:
And I looked up and here's ye olde Bat Building, aka the AT&T building I guess it is now. No more Bellsouth anymore. It still looks like Batman though. But not from this angle.
Due to a hankering for the leisure life, I decided what this Cabbage needed was a little luck and some Powerball numbers. Double play Powerball numbers to be exact. I sat them in the sun here to take a picture and dream about my sunglasses actually sitting on the edge of a pool and not the edge of a window sill in downtown Nashville. C'mon...Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

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