Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Diary,

Friday afternoon is totally stupid.

At least it is at work. I'm listening to Air America and just itching (literally, because I have a slight sunburn I'm still getting over on my arms in the manner of a farmer's tan,) to get out of here. I cannot concentrate. I feel like I did when I was a senior in high school and it got closer and closer to graduation and there was nothing anyone could do to get the hype out of the air.

I am that senior and it is almost time to go here.

On the radio: Richard Beltzer is guest hosting a show. His guest, Sandra Berhardt. I haven't thought about Sandra for a while, so I had to look her up. What a great picture I found; she looks like Mick Jagger:

I wish I could credit it directly, but I found it on Google images and it was ambiguous where it came from.

They've been talking about the mistreatment of vets from Afghanistan and Iraq and the VAs refusal to give them health care and hiding the number of suicides that have occurred over the past year.

Politics are making me lose my mind these days. Where on earth is Ron Paul? I miss you, Dr. Paul. You're the only one that could save us but no one paid attention when you were screaming from the rooftops.

I'm all done. None more.

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