Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not "Honey-do" but "Me-do"

Things I'd Like To Do, by Cabbage:

  • Learn Gaelic & Cherokee. And yes, I know no one speaks either anymore. This is coming from the girl who took three years of Latin.
  • Be a freelance travel writer.
  • Make volumes and volumes of scrapbooks/albums from all the photos I've taken over the years.
  • Take an art class.
  • Learn to tap dance so I can pretend I'm Gene Kelly. Minus the being-a-guy part.
  • Have a house in the Appalachians and one in the Florida panhandle. Yes, I know this requires lots of money, but if it ever happened, that's where I'd get my houses.
  • Meet Will Ferrell so he could make fun of me.
  • Be married to my husband until we die the same day, some day when we're old and have a some grandkids.
  • Write a book with all the stories of my family in it, so I can show how crazy both sides are. And lovable. And crazy.
  • Become a really good drummer. Yes, Neil Pert good, although I don't like Rush. More like John Bonham or Steven Adler good.
  • Watch my husband become an extremely successful songwriter and rock musician because he deserves it and was put on this planet for music.
  • Learn to swim better.
  • Get over my fear of heights. Wait, nevermind. That scares me too much.
  • Read Finnegan's Wake. Because there has to be some rhyme or reason to it.
  • Meet Billy Collins so I can shake a millionaire-poet's hand.
  • Buy my parents a house wherever they wanted (my bro too) and let them live out their years happy and not at all worried about work.
  • Watch E grow up to be an amazing woman. I'm sure it won't be hard to do, she's pretty amazing already.
  • Have a huge garden with vegetables that I cook at night for my family.
  • Figure out how to never have to go back to work. Ever. Just live my life out like some trust fund kid who can make art and music and stories and dance and gardening and be happy with my life.
  • Oh, and I'd like to own some moccasins like I did when I was five. Hopefully with rad beadwork.
I suppose that's it for now. It's my Lunchtime List - silly, quick, but true.

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