Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mike's Memorial - Father's Day

We had a lovely get-together for Mike Fort Sunday night. There were several people who played, read a poem or said something. It was definitely a party Mike would have wanted to be at.

His daughter, Willow, reading a Bukowski poem. The crowd
Another of le crowd
Robert and Maarten
Peter Jones
Annaleise, Franne, Curt
Mac and Joe
Willow, Curt, John
Corie and Willow
Janet and Ken
Jaque and Teague
Curt Perkins
Franne and Bones
Porter Hall's Gary and Molly

Warren Pash
Judge and Cabbage
Cabbage and Rebecca
A band from Austin, Texas who played after the memorial. Didn't catch their name.

Franne cutting a rug. I told her that the orb in the picture by her hand was Mike.

I'm so glad everyone came out...it was a fitting tribute to Mr. MF.


willow said...

Thank you all so much for this. It was incredibly appreciated and you all are wonderful for doing it.


Plowhaus said...
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