Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pandora's Music Box

Listening to Pandora is fun. You make your own radio station with an artist or song you like and then, by something they call the "music genome project" or something like that, they keep the songs on the aforementioned radio station coming by connecting you with other artists or songs similar to it. Very, very rad when you're looking for new music.

So these are the songs I want to download after hearing them on Pandora:

1. My Blue Heaven - Jerry Lee Lewis
2. You Don't Make it Easy - Josh Ritter
3. Dear Landlord - Bob Dylan
4. Rooster Song - Fats Domino
5. Pancho's Lament - Tom Waits
6. To Lay Me Down - Grateful Dead

I already know some of these, but it's nice to be reminded of how amazing certain songs are because you hear them out of context.

Back to work now. Why so much work, huh?

PS - Hooray to me on the move! I have a new house with the best backyard in the world. Now cleaning the old one for Liz-licious is all I have to do. Then, upward and onward with the new digs.

I like this picture of Bob. It reminds me of Tom Petty. Then again, Tom Petty reminds of the Southern Bob Dylan. And yes, I stand by that.

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