Friday, July 11, 2008

School's Out for Summer...Right?

I was kind of thinking that I had "friday fever" as a way of explaining why the time was moving ultra-slow for me. I also got to work early, which doesn't help my (mental) plight. But in typing "friday fever" to the Google-monster of a search engine, I received this picture:

And the answer is: yes, that is how I feel. Or perhaps how I want to feel, once I leave here - bright, blue sky, comfier-than-thou shoes(new Docs!) and weekend plans for moving to a new abode with the Judge. I'm not sure where the picture actually comes from besides "Flickr" but it makes me long for summer vacation and less fluorescent lights.

Save me, o lottery/I would write an ode to you/if you came to my rescue. (A just-written poem by yours truly - Cabbage)

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