Friday, July 18, 2008

Vulcan Defending Red Mountain

Vulcan Defending Red Mountain
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Since I've been obsessed with searching through Flickr recently, I first went through pictures of East Nashville and marked my favorites, and then I decided to do Birmingham.

The 'Ham is my hometown and I miss it sometimes. There's something very honest about the people in Birmingham. I like the hilly landscape and the hidden gems throughout the downtown/Southside area.

Here is one of the highlights of Birmingham, Vulcan. A symbol of the industry that use to run the area (and for all intents and purposes, does run it for my father, he's a coal miner) and he overlooks the city. Vulcan was taken down due to falling into disrepair, but he's been fixed up and now stands taller than ever. I love coming into Birmingham and rounding that corner to find Vulcan standing beyond the city skyline on the ridge of Red Mountain.

This photo takes my breath away. You can't see the city, you can barely see the mountain, and there is little Vulcan, peering over the fog, protecting the city he represents.

If Vulcan Park had been open on Christmas Day a couple years ago, it was going to be where Judge proposed to me. Alas, it was closed, and we instead went to his grandmother's back porch in Mountain Brook where it softly started to rain and we huddled under a table umbrella, the large garden behind us, quiet in the night.

So yes, a lot of wonderful memories in Birmingham. I miss that place.

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