Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to...

Weiss neon sign
Originally uploaded by Brent and MariLynn

Welcome to East Nashville! Liz and Jason are moving to the 'hood and it's official today. They are officially in our old place in Maxwell Heights and leaving their 30-minute commute behind after this weekend. Here's a photo of an East Nashville staple, Weiss Liquors, on Main to commemorate this fine time in their lives.

I cheers this large jug of brown liquor to both L and J - welcome to 37206! As the bumper sticker goes, "We'll steal your heart - and your lawnmower!"

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Anonymous said...

It's cool. We don't have a lawnmower :) Can't thank you enough for the rad digs and looking forward to actually LIVING life now. Peace out, Antioch! Many thanks to you and Judge.