Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Billboard in Denver

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I'm really not stoked about my choices this November. I have never been for either candidate. I have major issues with the "policies" of both candidates. McCain is a moron, plain and simple. He use to be a respectable "progressive" politician, at least that is what everyone has been fooled about him, but they've found out - oh wait - he has the exact same ideas as Bush, and who doesn't want that? Please, please, please reinstate the draft so my brother and husband can go to war, and even me! For something I do not believe in. That no one believes in but the people who watch Fox News.

And there's Obama. No experience. None. Being a senator for a couple years does not a president make. He can give a heck of a speech, but what good does that do if there is zero experience and even less cohones to actually turn this country around and give us something different. Different, people. I want a black president too. I think it would change this country's image and give African-Americans a wonderful role model and possibly change race relations, and I say that with trepidation - it is a longshot because race relations are not awesome right now. I still think that he's not the person to lead this country. I'll probably wind up voting for him because he's the lesser of two evils, but I'm thoroughly not thrilled about choosing between two things I don't like. It's like offering me mushrooms or raw onions. Neither, thanks.

I know that this billboard says Fox, and trust me, there is no more hated news network for me than Fox. I think they and Rupert Murdock are deplorable. But you could truly insert any network logo into this billboard and it would fit. New media, not the same, but CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC - give me a break. Try being real new reporters, investigative reporters who research and not copy and paste, guys.

Listen to Dan Carlin's "Common Sense" podcast. Talk about a guy who should be elected president. Where are our intellectual revolutionaries? Where are the people who have original thought? Who support civil liberties and want them reinstated? Who want us to be a guiding light of a nation and restore our reputation? AND, where are these people who are willing to do something about it?

Not me, obviously. I know I can't stand up and be a Che Guevara. But I sure wish he or she would emerge. We need something more powerful to choose from than Mr. Speech and Mr. Budweiser. And we need new talking points. People who want to talk about the issues who face our country today and tell us the hard news. Give us the bad news - the real rundown of what everyone hides from us because then they'd have to change the stupid things going on right now. The Patriot Act, telecomm immunity, reduction of civil liberties, oil prices and drilling offshore and in our natural protected places, the corruption, inflation, 1% having 98% of the wealth, the idoitic drug war and the prisons that hold more criminals than Chinese institutions, torture, the FDA letting everyone get away with faulty drugs and foodstuffs. I know I'm forgetting something.

Give me a break. Man up, America.

Perhaps this ad's sentence, "We deceive. You believe" should instead be the motto of our government.

Sigh. Sorry for the rant. I promise I'm not this bitter. I just feel that way today.

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