Wednesday, August 13, 2008

East Nashville is Weird

East Nashville is Weird
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The title of this blog is what it is because that is what the flickr member named this photo.

But the caption is interesting - they say they are stuck all over town in telephone poles, be-tuxedoed dudes and girls with big hair and a black drape, I suppose. I've never seen them in my travels across town, but that doesn't mean anything.

I love this image though - some random white-bred guy stuck in a telephone pole, smiling, enjoying the affirmation that he's about to graduate and never have to do photos like these again. He probably went to a state school, joined a fraternity, and changed his major a few times, if not dropped out altogether. Or perhaps he made it through the first year unscathed and instead of joining a frat he began acting and hanging out with theatre geeks. Found out he was really gay.

I just want to know this - who did this? Who decided it was an awesome idea that lame senior portraits would stick out of telephone poles and showcase Joe Average as foot traffic rambled by, they too wondering why such a smiling, translucent boy stared back at them during their walk. I commend them. Not because it is any sort of urban-DIY art, but because IT IS SO RANDOM.

I would way rather keep my friends photos sticking out of telephone poles than in my wallet. Wallets get heavy with all those pictures...

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Allie, Dearest said...

I've also never seen these, but I'd definitely crack up if I did.