Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olives and Oil

olive oil
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Well, here we are.

The album is done. Fin. Completely finished.

I believe it's going to be called, "Olives and Oil." If you steal that title for anything, I will beat you. I said it here first.

The whole project is amazing. Jeremy Ferguson (Battle Tapes Studio) mastered it for us and Andy Willhite recorded it at Safe and Sound Studios and also performed a couple guitar parts on it. It sounds big, but still low-fi.

I am so proud of this recording. When I listen to it, I hear heart-breaking, thoughtful lyrics, banging drums (by yours truly!), and harmonica by Joe, sweet, soulful harmonica. Not to mention Taylor's delicate guitar parts. I hear it and I can't figure out what genre it is, but it is rock, it is folk, it's a little country, and whole lot organic.

Yea for us! Go to Joiner House for more info! Buy the vinyl when it comes out!

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