Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waning Days of Summer

Waning Days of Summer
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This title is appropriate. I've already given up the ghost of this summer. Too much has transpired, too much unnecessary angst and hardship, and as these last days drag on, I can only hope that they are the embers of the fire going out slowly, and soon we shall be at peace and in view of Autumn.

"Until the healing hands of Autumn/Cool me down"

That line is from my favorite Indigo Girls song. (Yes, make fun of me if you will, but I know every word to a couple albums and then they lost me once they went mediocre.) The song is about the pain of the end of summer and how we face some of the hardest trials then, and the sun, especially here in the south, is unrelenting and seems it will never go away.

This week it seems my eyes always look tired, hidden. Even when I sleep well, like last night, I wake bruised with unknown dreams and I can't shake the cobwebs.

But - on a less dramatic note - I received my Oxford American today - the first issue of my new subscription. It's the "Best of the South" issue for 2008. I can't wait to sit on my couch and read it. It really is the best magazine I've ever read. Well, it, the Nation, and the Believer. All of which I subscribe to except the Believer. It's way too expensive.

I'm such a nerd. I promise I'm going to cheer up.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about The Oxford American! We appreciate your subscription and your support.

Warwick Sabin
The Oxford American