Wednesday, September 10, 2008

As the Birds Fly

the origin
Originally uploaded by Psycho Sagz

I sit with my back to the large window in my office.

The window looks out over Church Street and directly into the face of another old building like the one I work in, and between us is the dance of cars and birds.

When the sunlight fills the window and warms my back, every so often a crowd of birds, swallows, pigeons, black birds, fly past and mark the sunlight with quick, frenzied shadows. It's arresting, glimpsing it from this direction, only their silhouettes tell me they're there, and then gone again.

I never even have to turn around, but see the flights of so many winged creatures diving between the two buildings, perhaps lighting finally on the top of the L&C, or continuing on, across the river and into a tree in some far away yard.

I face forward, waiting for the next incident to grab my attention, waiting on the sun to warm my back.

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