Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crime Does Pay - In East Nashville

So, I'm a little irked.

I have a lot of friends in the East Nashville area and they're all broke. They work as waiters, bartenders, cooks, baristas, construction workers, painters, dog sitters, you name it.

And they keep getting robbed. At gun point. At knife point. My friend had a knife pulled on her in her own driveway. There were 5 robberies in the Alley Cat parking lot/alley on Saturday night. This is also on the heels of numerous robberies in Lockland Springs and the murder of Pierre Colas.

The thing is - the reason I'm so mad - the people getting robbed - AREN'T RICH GENTRIFIERS! They're musicians. They're blue collar folks. They probably get more irritated that the robber takes their license and they have to get a new one that their bank card - because there isn't anything in their account.

I know that is how I would feel if it happened to me.

Granted, the neighborhood we moved into was once a run down, poor neighborhood and people have fixed up the houses, bought them and either lived in them or rented them out to poor people like my friends and myself. But scores of young (16-22-year-old) men are taking advantage of the fact that people are scared of knives and guns and don't want to wind up like Pierre Colas.

All I have to say is, this isn't fair. We're trying to make it as best we can, just like everyone else. And we don't have cash. STOP ROBBING MY FRIENDS. STOP ENDANGERING THEIR LIVES.

This is an economic thing and it's not fair to take your problems out on people who are in the same boat.

Nashville really sucks sometimes.

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Miz Cricket said...

After I got robbed people kept asking me if I was okay, wasn't I scared? No, I was PISSED, for exactly what you outline here: I am a fucking waitress, you just robbed me of half my rent, I don't have time or money to go get a new fucking driver's license (luckily I got that back!), and hey, fuckers, I'm on your side. Really no one deserves to get robbed, but at least stop fucking with the folks that otherwise would be your allies. ARG!