Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday in Nashville

Yesterday was a bit cloudy as we passed over the Shelby Bridge in search of food for breakfast. We didn't travel this weekend due to lack of funds, so it was a surprise that we had a couple days in town.
Downtown Nashville, aka Lower Broad, was hopping as we passed through. There was some sort of wakeboarding champtionships on the riverfront. We saw a lot of buskers out trying to make a dollar.
The Mason building on Broadway. I am not going to lie, Masons scare me. Even though my great-grandfather was one, the whole outfit freaks me out.
Hume-Fogg school, our public "smart kids" school. Randall Jarrell (American poet, 1914-1965) either went to school there or taught there. I know he graduated from Vanderbilt and was part of the Fugitives group. I love this building.
We ended up at Chappy's on Church because we heard they had a great brunch. Alas, they were closed for brunch on Saturday. So we still had to find a place to eat.
We settled on PM, which was good, save for the massive amount of flies which attacked you while you ate outside. I know. It was annoying. But the food was good (at least for me, Judge ordered wrong.) and our bellies didn't sound like they had thunderstorms in them anymore.
A look of Broadway coming from the West. Here we're heading home, back across the Shelby.
I love when it's crowded in Nashville and the tourists are out. It means the horse carriages are too. We saw about ten of them, it was ridiclious.
This guy has sad eyes. Then again, I think all equines do.
Although this isn't a good picture, this is an intersection by the Titan's stadium. They were trying to direct cars with cones (or pylons, whichever you prefer to call them) but they had so many of them it was overkill. I wish I could have captured the absurdity.

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