Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Is Not a Brothel

This is not a brothel...
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Lean Cuisine Chicken Parm for lunch. I know that doesn't sound appetizing, but I don't get paid until midnight tonight.

A couple of works folks, Judge, and myself are driving to Mobile next Thursday for a book trade show. I look forward to it - I haven't been to Mobile and spent any time - I've only driven through. I'm very excited and we have more free time than we had at Book Expo in LA. BEA was insane.

Once we get back, we have two weeks and then another book show, but at least this one is in Nashville. I also have jury duty that week.

And then, under normal circumtances, I would want a vacation, seeing how I'm organizing all these events. But instead, I have a trip to the dentist planned and I can't miss any other days outside of that due to using up all my time with the Highlands "Groundhog Day meets car repair" week.

Hmpf. I'm not in the best mood today. I need to get over it.

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