Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead
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So, as I've mentioned before, the Day of the Dead is upon us.

I'm in a particularly morose state of mind right now, but I'm looking forward to it -

to celebrating the lives of those we've lost, of not obsessing so much about the line between the dead and the living, of playing music and being around art to symbolize the event, and communing with those who have felt the pang of grief and loss over the past year.

I believe I will enjoy celebrating Mike's life this year - maybe not being able to go and feast with him on his gravesite in Columbia, but being in Five Points with Franne, Willow, Curt - the rest of the rank and file of East Nashville who were blessed with his crazy presence - and tell myself that I am determined to enjoy my own life while I have it.

I think I am going to make an altar for MF. I've got plans....

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