Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Want A ...

An Equine Sunset - Redux.
Originally uploaded by BamaWester


and a horse

(and mini-horses, because I don't discriminate)

and some goats

and chickens

(don't forget the chickens)

and some cast iron skillets

where I will cook

cornbread, fried chicken, and okra

and a garden

where I will have rows and rows of corn,

lettuce, peppers, okra,

and everything else edible

and my Judge and E-rock

to keep me company

and a Howie dog

and since I can't have him anymore

I want one just like him

to protect the horses,

goats, mini-horses, and chickens,

the Judge and the E-rockness,

and I also want

a rooster to crow

so I will know each morning

that I am alive

and on my farm.


1 comment:

Allie, Dearest said...

Mostly I just want a farm table for my kitchen table. But I want the rest of my house to be in the city. I don't think I want allergies anymore. I'm heading where the plants are made of iron and housed in buildings with names that start with the words "Metropolitan Museum.."