Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mental Floss

From Mental Floss - An offer I'd take them up on! This comes from their email:

So, I've got a huge, huge favor to ask. With the Dow tumbling and companies folding left and right, no one's talking about how a souring economy hits knowledge junkies where it really hurts: their bookshelves. Yes, it's hard to scrape up the funds for all the books and magazines you want, so mental_floss is super excited to unveil our plan to tackle both at the same time. That's right, our crack team of economists have worked out a deal that can help everyone out.
Our new hardback, The Mental Floss History of the World, is available on today. This is the book we've been waiting to do ever since we founded our company. As history buffs, we've spent years collecting stories and anecdotes that just don't get told in textbooks. And we've crammed this History of the World full of them: from stories of romance and adventure, to scandals and secrets, to stunning tales of hope. We've worked hard to write a book that doesn't just tackle all of the essentials of history, but also communicates our enthusiasm for the subject, because the truth is, we want others to love the subject as much as we do.

I'm writing partially because the book is available for preorder today, but more because we've teamed up with Amazon to provide an exclusive deal. If you preorder the book before October 28th, we'll give you a free 6-month subscription to mental_floss magazine. It's true-we'll line your bookshelf with a hardback and magazines for just 16.29! If you don't subscribe to the magazine, this will be a great introduction. And if you do subscribe, you can send the subscription to a friend, or you can add it to your current subscription. Amazon is making all of this really easy.

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