Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Festival of Books

This past weekend was wonderful at the Southern Festival of Books. I actually haven't had a good time like that in a while. Judge and I enjoyed seeing a couple panels.
We had the pleasure of hanging with the publisher of Oxford American, Warwick Sabin. Such a lovely man. They had a booth at the festival.

I feel like this is our prom picture. Friday night of the festival, we went to an "Authors in the Round" dinner at the War Memorial Auditorium. It was so lovely - lamb, salad with a poached pear, a rich, chocolate dessert - and my boss Todd spoke as well as John Seigenthaler. John interviewed one of our authors, Frank Durham, that same day for his "Word on Words" program. But here is our photo before the dinner. This photo kind of makes me look pregnant, but I love the vest. It's an ArtGarb vest by Franne Lee. Doesn't Judge look smashing?
Here, John Seigenthaler, at the "Authors in the Round" dinner.
From left to right: Bill, Megan, Gene, Steven & Cabbage with Bobbie Ann Mason. She was a pure delight. Every table at the dinner had an author, and ours was Bobbie Ann, from Kentucky.
One of my favorite people in the world, Cain's Version author, Frank Durham. He and his wife Darla are absolute gems. He had a great weekend and received a lot of attention for his new book.
Part of our booth.
The other half of the booth, and one of our sales reps, Susan.
One of the many cool things about this weekend was that some of the panels were held in the capital building. We went to one with Janis Ian, Marshall Chapman and others called, "the Guitar and Pen," and it was held in the House chambers. Everyone in the audience had their own desk with the representatives' names on the front, a microphone, and buttons that said, "Yea," "Nay," and "Roll Call."
Janis Ian in the House chambers
The view from the Capital Building.
Franne Lee signs the Governor's Guest Book.

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theblondemule said...

Well, I work on the Senate side, not the House, but welcome to where I spend 6 months out of the year. For what it's worth, according to some of the lobbyists who come down from DC, we have one of the prettiest State Capitols in the South.