Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Couple Things

  • I finally caught up with my sleep last night, after celebrating history Tuesday with Fran-Dog, Charlene, Kyle & Judge.
  • We had practice last night and Sean came up from MTSU to watch. He's recording us for a class project Sunday. He and his girlfriend were uber sweet.
  • The Joiners play Saturday night at 8pm at the closing of the Plowhaus at Gallery East behind Alley Cat. There really is beautiful art there, and it's free. Come see us rock the art gallery's face off.
  • Speaking of Alley Cat, the Joiners have also been asked to be the house band for Sunday nights at 10pm. It starts on November 16th and our first guest is Hands Down Eugene. I know it's late - but it'll be fun. Promise!
  • Judge has a love of making up nicknames for all our friends. Franne is "Gran-Dog," Big Baby is "Badger" (only Judge can turn one nickname into another and make it stick), I have several: "Cabbage" "Mr. Crabs" and other variations on the theme, then there's "Artie," "Charles" and on, and on, and we figured out last night - most of them make it sound like our friends are low-budget superheroes or cartoon characters. Which fits for East Nashville. Perhaps I'll write the comic book. And Franne can illustrate it.
  • I hate it, but I think it's true. My obsession with Gawker makes me a hipster. Who else would enjoy such snark and irony-laced vignettes?

This picture cracks me up.
Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times

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