Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tights, Suspenders, Hats, Oh My!

I've been reading too many fashion/design blogs lately. Anyone that's ever seen me knows I'm not a fashionista. I love clothes, but I don't spend money on them. I always figure other things come first.

But I may have to change things up. I want better clothes. I want tights and a jacket like these (from the Sartorialist):
I want to own suspenders. I never have! And I don't want to be afraid to wear hats.

So, what I'm saying is, I probably won't, but I really have a desire to change the way I dress. Just a little. Just to have more of an edge and not so much a, I-just-woke-up-15-minutes-ago-and-this-was-clean look.

I've always struggled with my image: hair, clothes, makeup. I never wear makeup. I wore lipstick and blush at my wedding. That was it. I never do anything special to my hair. It just hangs there in layers. I could straighten it and it might not look so Cousin It sometimes, but I'd have to buy a straightener. Clothes? I'm lazy. I go for flats over heels, and my mother has always said she was going to turn me over to "What Not to Wear" and let them kill everything in my closet.

Sigh. Ah, style. Do I care that much, or is this a passing whim?

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