Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Voted? This Girl!

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I voted this morning at my local polling place, an elementary school in a racially mixed neighborhood, and I have to admit, it was powerful. Judge and I stood in line for about 30 minutes at 7am and I couldn't stop grinning while I cast my vote. I kept looking around at all the African-American people near me and wondered what it was like to finally get to vote for a black man. I bet it was exciting. I bet it made them feel like today was a holiday. I bet that, even in all the awe and wonder I had at voting, that they felt it more, that finally they were seeing history in action, and that makes me want to cry. Just sitting here at my desk, I feel like crying. I feel like the world might change, for the better, after tonight. I feel like people turning out in droves and refusing to submit to fear, or lies, or media nonsense - it will change us, and it is inspiring.

My candidate didn't even make it to the general, but he's still out there making a difference with his sweet demeanor and love of the constitution, and that's all I can ask of the Doctor. But today - today I voted for a different candidate, one that I'm willing to put trust in and hope he pulls us out of this hole, that he gives us a better image across the world and high self-esteem in ourselves as a country.

My prayer for the day:

Please, I know that all elections have votes tampered with, stolen, not counted, etc., but please let this election be one without all that drama. Please let us get our results without pain and suffering, with a decisive ending and without violence. Please let today go well, and may we all wake up in the morning to a new beginning, and a good one at that.


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