Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lunchtime List: Thursday

From Reverie.
  • Tea for Joy signs off, but leaves us with this:

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Georgia B. said...

hey, girl!

i always enjoy seeing a link on your blog to something on one of mine. it makes me feel good!

i know i have disclaimers on my photo blogs about not using any pics without permission, but i see how you love to post pics along with your links, so know that for you, that does not apply. feel free to put the pic in any time you want! i know you would not abuse the use of the picture, so always feel free without asking.

thanks for always showing an interest in my blogs. (and Chris's!)

ps. we are supposed to get 15 inches of snow tonight, so i don't have to go to work tomorrow!!! i plan to browse through you blog and check out some of the other links, as i will have more time than usual.

have you ever read The Tipping Point? based on your blog, i would label you as what is called the book a "connector". i was told by one of my friends that i am one. sort of interesting.

hope you're well. have a great night!