Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lunchtime List: Tuesday

  • I love when people put pictures online of snow in their town. I'm a little jealous, but as soon as we have our first real snow here, I'll definitely put some up here to add to the pile. Here is Unruly-Things' Portland snowfall.
  • Not sure if I like this site or not. The only reason I say that is, I know what they're going for, but I'm not sure if they deliver. Curse words and ironic statements do not alone make the LOLs. But here it is, you can make your decision. Thanks to Cup of Jo for the link.
  • I know you've all probably seen this by now, but it's still funny. I can't believe they did this. Ladies and gents, the Clean Coal Carolers. Hilar.
  • It's so funny how anything can be in or out of fashion. Check this inane blog post at Fashionista. Personally, I got braces from a quack (and had them on for 4 1/2 years, seriously) when I was in middle school for my front two buck teeth. They were serious. But, when they eventually came off, I still had crooked teeth because the quack never did the bottom ones (I'm not kidding, the dude was like 80 and I think he had dimensia.) So I suppose I'm one of the folks who GOT braces, but it just didn't take. I blame the Vines side of my family. A family dentist use to say that he could look in a patient's mouth and tell if they were a Vines. Yep - that's me!

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