Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picture Pages: Saturday SEC Edition

Ok, ok, I know I put a lot of stuff on here for University of Alabama football. Forgive me, please. I was raised in a family where every Saturday with a UA game meant it was a holiday worthy of a huge pot of chili and a family gathering. I come by it honest. Today is a huge day. It is SEC championship day.

Alabama and Florida face off at 3pm Central on CBS. I will be watching, yelling at the television, and generally embarrassing my significant other. But it's ritual. It's fun. It gives my family and I something to pull togther for, unlike sticky things like politics, religion, geographic region, that can sometimes get in the way of a large and eccentric family unit. We have Crimson Tide football.

So, here are my photos for the day, special Saturday Roll Tide edition. I don't care if I'm a dork. If they win today, I will probably shed a little tear and get geared up for the National Championship, where I will probably cry again, whether we win or lose. It's emotional folks! And it's one of the best things about being from the South.

Roll Tide, y'all!

In the Shadow of the Bear, Thomas_McKane

Thanks, Coach Sabin!, lamin8

Denny Chimes, James Willamor

Crimson Tide?, willtooke

J's Gameday Bag, ILIGHT

Abandoned Bama Trailer Lomo hdr, sunsurfr

bama booty, bamanut

Roll Tide Roll!, sunsurfr

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