Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Diary,

Click on the photo above to see something I've always wanted to do since I've discovered the whole "Web 2.0" phenomenon. Flick photo with notes!

Jorjah wrote recently about transparency on blogs. I thought that in the interest of self-disclosure, I'd fashion a moment where I wrote instead of posted images, and I'm going to call it Dear Diary. I'm going to do it when the moment moves me, so it's not going to be a regular installment, but I'm excited about it....And, begin scene:

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday held a birthday party in Madison and Saturday, Judge went to a house party behind Mitchell's Deli and saw Hands Down Eugene, Founding Fathers, and Alcohol Stuntband. I laid low and unfortunately watched the Real Housewives of Orange County.

But I got inspired by Brett and Judge talking about doing a video/advertisement for our Norm's show, and I rearranged our music room. One wall of it is shown in the picture above, and I'm so excited about this interior design coup that I'm sitting in it right now listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and writing this post. Hopefully we'll film it soon and I'll put it here.

I recently decreased the amount of pictures and paintings I post every day. It was just too much - so I cut my work.

Changing your environment is wonderful. I sit here in the cloud of my triumph and completely enjoy the glow. New digs! First, we fixed the desk in the front room, which I like to call the salon, now, the back office/music room. I really am loving it.

Judge has been recording today. He set up in the salon and posted this song. Fun with Cubase!

Our friend Peter has taken to chopping wood on Shelby in front of his Jones Tree Care truck and chipper and we love it! We're going to start calling him Shelby Jones.

This dog sings better than I do. This dog does too. Ha. I love reading his blog.

I sincerely love doing this blog (although I despise the word blog. You would think they would have come up with something better to describe an intimate voice on the internet). I want to thank everyone who stops by - it means a lot because this place is an outlet that I enjoy. Thanks.

I want to buy this shirt at Mental_Floss.

Please watch this.

That's all I got. For real.

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