Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lunchtime List: Thursday

  • I love the above picture - the colors, the capture, the location - and Char gives us a little insight to the locale: Sloss Furnace in Birmingham. The 'Ham is where I grew up and where I miss, so it was lovely to stumble upon her blog and see the amazing photos. For more, check out her blog.
  • Did you know David Byrne had a blog? And he evidently just went to South America. The man's picture in the corner of the blog - check it. Why does he always look so intense? I suppose because he's David Byrne.
  • I was called for jury duty the first time in my life this past year, but there weren't any cases and I was allowed to go home after 3 hours. Here is Juror Art. Bored people doodling.
  • How did I NOT know this existed? Stephen Fry, ladies and gentlemen. Now just serve him up with a side of Hugh Laurie and you have my favorite sketch in the world. Can you guess it? How about this hint: "Damn, Damn, and a double side of damn!"
  • Old White Dudes, and Barak: I have to say, I love you, Jimmy Carter; you're the only one here, besides Barak, that I have any sort of love for. Cue the wonderful Blue Mountain song, "Jimmy Carter." (Scroll down to listen to the mp3).
  • I love this, from FFFFound:

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