Friday, February 20, 2009

Feel Good Friday

I feel great today, and this is strange because yesterday, um, not so good. But hey - every day is a new day, and since the sun is shining and I feel a little silly with this great mood, I have something really silly to show you.

Best Week Ever always has Blingee photos. I've always been jealous of their insane, epileptic quality and animated gif-like spasms. Now, I have created my first. It is totally stupid. Still, for a Friday that looks like Spring but feels like 32 degrees, it's what you get.

And note this: I know that I do not need any help in the mustache department. See, there's a reason, several of them actually, why I adore Frida Kahlo (as evidenced by my Halloween getup). She seems like the kind of role model nerd outsider girls should have. She's a total style icon (flowers in your hair? Shawls? Bright, beautiful patterned dresses?) Her art is flawless and self-analytic. AND - those eyebrows and that just visible mustache that makes most women cringe and want to say, "bleach or wax that, girlfriend!"

But Frida, I understand. I am a dark-haired woman. I have hair like a Polynesian lady and skin like an Irish woman. So, put those together and voila! Dark hair on light skin. So, in honor of my struggle already with an "unladylike" flaw - I give you, TNFNR's Blingee (and yes, you may post laughter, criticism, or gentle ribbing in the comments. I do not mind):

Build your own Blingee

*Note: Just for those who do not know me, yes, those eyebrows are drawn on, for the above Halloween costume. I do not have that much devotion to Ms. Kahlo.

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