Monday, February 16, 2009


James Dickey was born in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, in 1923. He's most famous for his novel Deliverance (1970), which was also made into a movie. But his first love was poetry.

James Dickey said, "A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."

from Writer's Almanac


chez bez said...

I don't recall if I've blogged about this or not, but I recently discovered that Dickey courted my grandmother way back when. Personally, I'm glad it didn't work out between them. :)

Ruth said...

I adore James Dickey. His poetry anyway, his honesty. "Falling" is a revelation. Have you read it?

Cabbage Babble said...

I have not read "Falling," but I'm going to look for it now!