Sunday, February 15, 2009

Psst! Valentine's Day at Shelby Park

This weekend has been fun. Friends were in town to play with us for Valentine's Day at the FooBAR. We woke Saturday to a beautiful day.

We met Marcus, who plays guitar for Live Well. Wonderful chap. We decided to all walk down to the park and try our hand at some fishing.

We walked past a downed tree at the entrance of the park. It smelled like fresh-cut lumber.

We all sat around the pond while folks took turns casting a line.

It has been wonderful to have such warm temperatures in February

Megan fishing. And Posing. 5000!

Judge jumped on the slide on the walk home.

It really looks fun, doesn't it?

Megan and Neil found a fun path home.

Shelby Park used to be an amusement park. I like walking through it picturing early Twentieth century costumes and ferris wheels.

Perfect for Valentine's Day, the steps we took home had a tree with carvings all over it, lovers who had left their mark ages ago.

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