Monday, March 2, 2009


Hey - Red White and Food wants peeps to get the word out about buying wine in stores.

I am from Birmingham, Alabama, and on Sunday, you can't buy alcohol of any kind from a retailer (you can from restaurants), but you can buy wine in the grocery stores every other day of the week. It is helpful for those planning a meal where wine will be served or even featured, and regularly, supermarkets get awarded for "Best Wine Selection" in the local rags - which I do think is strange.

Nashville is a wet town. Period. The honky tonks are open from 10am to 3am, booze flowing freely during all those hours. However, the lack of wine at a grocery store stinks. It doesn't make sense. I should be able to buy a cheap bottle of wine to go with dinner at the grocery store, and forgo having to visit another store entirely. If I want a nice bottle of wine or suggestions, there's always retailers like Woodland Wine Merchant, who have expertise and a larger variety than most supermarkets would have.

All's I'm saying is, I think that I should be able to buy wine at the grocery store. If I wanted to.

That's all I have to say about that.

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