Monday, March 9, 2009


A couple things:

1. I totally scored at the thrift store. I bought a million skirts. Too bad you can't play drums and wear skirts at the same time. Kind of a problem being a girl.

2. Some neighbor's dog stayed in our house last night. (We kind of kidnapped him? Ssshhh.) The black lab with the white speck on his chest also caused clumsy Cabbage to eat the wooden floor with her mouth, also causing a busted lip. (It's pretty amazing how many "does your husband beat you" jokes I heard today from peeps.)

3. We do not have cable or internet at our house, so we went to Cingular (or AT&T, whatever) to buy a USB internet thingie. It works marvelously. We now have internet everywhere.

4. I had a couple technical problems with my camera/Judge's computer, so the Shot A Day posts have been lacking. I am working on this, and hopefully will post more tonight.

5. The Ponyboy Curtis tuff look:


Aunt B said...

I am troubled by this idea that you can't wear a skirt and drum. Couldn't you wear great underpants? Or funky sequined shorts?

chez bez said...

Aunt B. beat me to thoughts of tights underneath the skirt.

Anyway, I'm digging the tuff look and the reason why.