Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today is Mom's Birthday!

This is my mother. Today is her birthday.

She is wonderful. She has encouraged me to be a creative and willful person, although at times I think that bit her in the backside, and has always been the greatest caregiver any child could ask for.

She is a Pisces, and that makes her other-wordly and a dreamer, and she just seems to know things sometimes. Ghosts seek her out, for real. (That is what I claim, although she would slap my hand if she were here and say, "Now don't tell people that - they'll think I'm crazy." They really do appear a lot to her, and in strange situations. I dare someone to ask her about the UFOs in the pasture...heh heh.)

She loves to hike, make collages (like me!), do cartwheels until she gets dizzy, save strange obituaries, draw (she's quite good at woodland creatures and anything else to used to amaze a small child during a lengthy church service) and she is especially good at baking. Seriously. The woman can KILL a pie. Chocolate pie is the greatest. Also faves: Sour Cream Pound Cake, Haystacks, Death by Chocolate, Lemon Cake, etc. etc.

I wanted to dedicate my day to her: Happy Birthday, Momma P! You are a beautiful, talented free spirit that has continued to raise the bar for me on how a Mother should be. I appreciate each and every day that you gave me and appreciate you for showing me how to live them. Your gorgeous eyes and charming smile (and I would pinch your bottom if I could!) remind me of how one should cartwheel through life, Claybone. I adore you!

XOXO - Cabbage.

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Georgia B. said...


my mom's b-day is in less than a month.
i can't wait to do a similar kind of post for her.