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Coppo di Marcovaldo (c. 1225 – c. 1276) was an Italian painter active in Tuscany.

He was born in Florence, and is mentioned as active in Pistoia in 1265, where he frescoed the St. James Chapel in the cathedral.

The other only certain work is a Madonna del Bordone, signed and dated (1261), in the Chiesa dei Servi of Siena, where he was prisoner after the Battle of Montaperti to which he had taken part. A similar work attributed to him can be found in a church of Orvieto. Another recent attribution to him is an altarpiece with St. Michael Archangel and His Legend at the museum of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, dating to some 1255-1260, which therefore would be his oldest known work.

He also provided some cartoons for the mosaics in the Battistero di San Giovanni in Florence, namely with the visionary Last Judgment (c. 1260-1270). In 1274, with his son Salerno, he painted some panels for the Cathedral of Pistoia, now lost.

It is thought that Coppo was a captive in Siena, during the conflict between Florence and Siena, during this time he contributed such works that conduct him to freedom, the 'majesty' 'maiesta'-the Lady and child. Faces are not the original, faces were re painted- thought to be repainted by Ducio.

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