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Ugolino di Nerio (1280? - 1349) was an Italian painter most active in Siena between the years 1317 to 1327.

Ugolino di Nerio was an active Italian painter of Siena from 1317 to 1327. With to He marks of Bonaventura was most faithful of follows us of Duccio di Buoninsegna. He was a famous painter who contributed to the spread of Sienese painting in Florence by earning a commission to paint the two main basilicas, Saint Maria Novel and Croce Saint. He also created the Saint Croce Indepent School during this time.

Nerio was born around 1280 in Siena to a family of painters, as his father as well as his siblings, Guido and Muccio, were artists. His only signed work however, is his work painting the greater altar of Saint Croce's basilica, dated around 1325, which today is scattered in several foreign museums. Studies of this work have resulted in it being reconstructed.

The artistic autonomy would have to go back to 1315, with some first juvenile paintings like the Madonna Contini Bonaccossi di Palazzo Pitti, from the forts drawn to the way of Duccio, but already from 1320 approximately its style it is defined mainly and it is arrived to the artistic maturity, characterized from one strongly spiritualità of the subjects and the remarkable elegance of the figures.

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