Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lunchtime List


Georgia B. said...

oh, goodness! it is kind of you to put me among these other amazing photographers. i just went to color me katie's blog. it's wonderful!

have you ever considered having a separate blog just for your photos? i think you should. yours so good and should stand out on their own!

if i didn't already have two other collaboration photo blogs, i would love to do one with you. chicago to nashville photos. 'twould be a blast, i think.

by the way, i will be in Nashville from the 28th of May through June 1st. will you be there any of those days?

Cabbage Babble said...

Oh no! I'm not going to be here. May 27th-June 1st I will be in NYC for BookExpo. I can't believe we'll miss each other like that!

I thought about it - but I can barely keep up with the one blog...haha. Perhaps in the future.

Good idea about the Chicago to Nashville blog. I do want to think about that, in some variation...

Char said...

love the lunchlist - and you're right those figs are just stunning. you always have my favorites all wrapped up in delicious good.