Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Deer & Salt Block

One boy is a liar & says there's a block of salt under his bed to draw deer in from the orchard.
One boy says the pantry wall will open if you say an untold anagram of his name. One boy is already dressed when he wakes up for his young father's wedding. One boy hides a turtle from his brothers in a dresser drawer. One boy is mute & sluggish from the hurricane sirens. One boy took a long time in the bathtub reading the comics. One boy loops a tractor chain to the ceiling fan & tears the whole roof down. One boy speaks through a keyhole to the others about a shortstop's hex. One boy can't stand the scent of elevators. One boy gives different spellings for his name each week at school. That same boy stole his teacher's shoe. Another boy listens to a radio inside his pillowcase. One boy drinks coffee alone in the zookeeper's shed. The last boy casts a purple stone to the bottom of a pond & follows it down with his church clothes on.

- Joshua Marie Wilkinson

via poets.org


Chris said...

Very cool.

I'm very fond of that word Poesy, too. It would almost make a pretty girl's name, eh? :)

Cabbage Babble said...

I know - I love that word. I also heard about a girl named "Story" and I liked that too.