Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am leaving to go on the road with Brett Rosenberg. My band, the Joiners, are the backing band for Brett and we're journeying up the east coast to play Philadelphia, New York City, Glouchester, and Boston. We're even opening for Richard Lloyd (former Television guitarist) in Boston!

Since I'm going to be out of pocket, here's a little video for you. I think I've posted it before, a long time ago, but this video doesn't get old for me. I love it. I will post more once we get settled along our route, but for now I am signing off our regularly scheduled program until Monday. Cheers!


Aunt B said...

Good luck! Make us proud.

Char said...

have a great time and break a leg (or is that for theater only?) anyway - hope all the shows go great.

chez bez said...

That might be one of my favorite videos of all time. My best your way.