Friday, July 17, 2009


Being legally blind, not having contacts for a while and forced to wear glasses, and finally getting your contacts in.
I think this title says it all. My glasses just aren't up to snuf, and they wear my eyes out. But after six months of non-contacts-ness, I am back on the de-spectacled train. Thankfully. My poor, blind eyes are thrilled.

Milo's Tea
Made in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama but sold around the Southeast, this tea is the greatest sweet tea made, other than my grandmother's. I just had some for breakfast. Yes, breakfast.

Work-at-home days
I am lucky enough to have an employer who understands that working one day a week at home is important to me. I take my manuscripts and sit on my couch, not in an office. It changes everything.

Family Wash
It is truly one of my favorite places to play in Nashville. We had a brilliant time last night and had Scott Hamilton and Rodney Crowell watch us play the first set. The figure skater in me loves, loves, loves, this. I grew up idolizing Hamilton. But you never know who you're going to run into at the Wash.

Weekends with NO PLANS
I have no plans this weekend. I shall clean the house, cook a pork tenderloin, and weed my tiny, barely hanging-on garden. Judge will ride his bike and I will rearrange my back room, taking it from my least favorite room to my ultimate favorite. This home time is great because next weekend I have a baby shower in B'ham and THEN, E comes up for a week and I'm off work. Ah, glorious.

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monstermash said...

Love, love, love Milo's Tea... the kids do, too, which is a plus.