Monday, July 20, 2009


Mongolian BBQ
There’s a sweet little place downtown called Kahn’s Mongolian BBQ. You make up your dish and they cook it for you. I love it. It seems there is something addictive in it because I cannot stop eating until it is gone. That is why I don’t go there much...

Mystery/Thriller Novels
I have receiving an exorbitant amount of thrillers/mysteries in the submissions box and I have to admit - I’m getting into them - at least the ones that are well-written. I have always been a literary fiction girl, but a good mystery just may change my mind. I like having my mind changed over something like that.

Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass
Judge cut the lawn this weekend and while he did it, I washed dishes and rearranged my back room. When I would walk by the open window, the beautiful smell of a freshly cut lawn drifted through the room and I felt like I was back in Helena, on Rye Circle, running off to find my friends to play.

Foux de Fafa, Flight of the Conchords
I love the FOTC, but this (and Bowie’s in Space) are my two favorite songs they do. I could watch the video segment to this song for ever. (“For eva eva. For eva eva?” To quote Outkast) Ca va? Ca va.

They can grow in water! They don’t need any sunlight! They are green, sometimes with a spot of gold, and they grow long, long, long. I love them and always give them names when I break off a leaf and make a new one in a vase of water. The original’s name was/is Frank.
Oh. My. Typewriters? I’ll have one of each, please.

Wearing an Entire Outfit Bought from the Thrift Store to Counteract a Case of the Mondays
Brown skirt that looks like I should be can-canning with Toulouse Lautrec? Check. Beige eyelet top? Check. Bought all at the East Nashville Goodwill that totally rules? Check. It made getting up today better, and I added a bracelet of my aunt’s from Mexico and a pair of coin-looking-jangly earrings. Hooray - Monday be gone!


chez bez said...

I don't typically do mysteries, but anything Walter Mosley writes I treasure and consume as if doing so will someday get me out of a jam. He's wonderful.

Nice Suggest-Fest.

Char said...

I go through spells with mysteries because I'm so picky about them and I absolutely hate the ones where it is so obvious that the least mentioned character is the killer or whatever. But I do love them when they're right - it's that nancy drew/hardy boys/donna parker/sherlock holmes childhood that sealed my fate.