Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coming Clean In Dirty Water

Coming Clean In Dirty Water
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I feel good today.

I went to Flickr to find an image to post here about how I felt good, and then I thought, "wait, the Judge is at home today, NOT feeling good." So instead of finding a picture for me, I found one for him by searching the keywords, "make Judge feel better." And this was one of the images that popped up. I love Flickr.

This picture is so perfect - so appropriate - and I not only send it out to my lovely, but to all of you. May we all come clean in dirty water, may we all break free of what holds us back, may we all dance in the morning from surviving the night.

There is change coming on all sides of us now, and we can't escape it. We can only hold on and hope the winds don't blow off the path. Take a deep breath, and feel the water wash over your head, and return clean.

Happy Wednesday, all.