Friday, September 18, 2009


La Dolce Vita
I’ve only seen one other Fellini film, and I found this particular title to be fabulous. It revolves around the jet-setting Italians and their glamourous and ridiculous lives. It is wonderful, although Judge may tell you a different story. He took a nap during it. But seriously - the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen is in this movie, and I say that with an asterisk, because I think Audrey Hepburn is actually THE most beautiful, but this lady, Anouk Aimee, is breathtaking. I’ve never seen such flawless features. Ah, the French!

Taking the Bus
I like riding the bus in on a misty morning, paying my $1.60, and humming along with all walks of life. There are some really adorable kids that get on my bus with their mothers, so I tend to smile at them lot. Maybe that’s why I like the bus. It makes me smile. And the fact that I despise driving...that too could contribute to my adoration for public transportation. Or the music I listen to, or the book I read...

Having a headache and dealing with it
Forgo the Tylenol, let it throb behind your eye for just a minute. No wait, why would I suggest this? Scratch this item. Give me a pain killer - stat!

Rainy, moody September days
We’ve received a lot of rain in Nashville the past couple days, and the week has had a gray pall to it that hasn’t quite lifted yet. It makes you want to crawl in the bed with a good book and a furry dog, and forget to light the lamps when dusk settles in. Set the music dial to “comfortable.”

I am leaving my post as acquisitions editor as of next Friday. It means shaky times, looking for a job, and being one of a million others who have been at the business end of the depression. I’m glad for the change actually, but am saddened by my expendableness. (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word.) If anyone has any leads in Nashville - feel free to let me know. Right now I’m floating about in the ether looking for a sign. But, it's freeing, if anything.

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