Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poesy: One of Mine Edition

Hey there. I've been working on some of my own poems, and I thought I'd post one here.

The Death of a Friend

To untangle myself from the rip tide seaweed grasp of your words,
I must smash your head against a smooth, round rock
on the bank of an Andean river.
I would crack it till dull, then gather the shatters of your skull
in my palm and carry the rest of your body upward,
back to the tops of the snowed mountains
where the stream ran from.
There I would saw and break and whittle
once I had stripped your fibrous intent in skin
from the delicate old man bones of your alphabet and accent.
One filed down and sanded, sculpted the nails of my pen
as once your marrow’s case,
I will fashion the words that will actually kill you,
put your horseshoes to rest
in the gallery of my mind
and rest the tamber of your mellifluous, southern echo.

Forgive this trespass
as a sin all humans are compelled to make.
Give me forgiveness
in the Mary of the church stained-glass window.
I will bury you alongside all the others
who have come before.
There is a nice view there, of an ocean and a city,
where the soft breeze of being and releasing
caresses the souls buried on the mountain
in deep marshes of poesy,
backwater kisses in rhyme.


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