Thursday, October 1, 2009


A Convertible, a Posse, and a Clear Autumn Day
I definitely suggest hopping into a friend’s convertible and enjoying a beautiful fall day with friends, grabbing a bite to eat on a patio somewhere, and laughing, a lot. I found myself unemployed, not caring, with the wind in my face and absolutely nothing on my mind. It was magnificent and I can’t think of another day as perfectly calm as that day.

Le Million
A movie made in 1931 by Rene Clair. It revolves around a struggling artist who happens to win the lottery but misplaces the ticket. The rest of the movie is him running around trying to find the ticket, all entwined with musical numbers in French. It is lovely.

Polydactyl Cats
I want a friend for Gonzo, and what better than a six-toed cat? If you haven’t ever seen a picture of one, I recommend it. They are the funniest looking cats, with big, fat paws. I WANT ONE.

Dirty South Rap
This is one where you help me. I love Southern rappers. Outkast, UGK, Dungeon Family, Ludacris. Can you suggest others? I am sorely lacking in new material.


Char said...

I love me some ludicris too.

glad it was a good day

Cabbage Babble said...

Hope you're doing well - It's been beautiful here, hope that it's nice in Alabama too!