Sunday, December 20, 2009


Getting up at 5am
It's the new black, for me at least. I love the hours, I am in bed and asleep usually by nine or perhaps a little later, and I can see the sunrise every morning. Winter is best seen in it's pre-dawn glory.

Ok, Maybe I'm lame, but I love this show. Annaliese was kind enough to give us a converter box, so we've been watching some tv before going to bed. The show Sing-off looked dumb on the commercials, but Judge and I watched and it is AWESOME. Listening to a cappella is really something, and I like Ben Folds as a judge. I highly recommend tuning in.

Buying Christmas Presents for Family Members LOCALLY
We have a great shop down the street and they have really cool old things for reasonable prices. We have a killer record shop. We have an enviornmentally-friendly home stuffs/toiletries shop, also down the street. We went within a couple blocks of our house and bought our Christmas presents. It was a great feeling to both spend money in the local economy, see friendly faces as you shopped, enjoy less-crowded aisles and use less gas.

Have a Cold-Weather Dog in Cold Weather
Gonzo loves cold weather and it's fun to watch him run around with all kinds of energy.

Recording a Second Album With the Greatest Guys in the World
We just finished our new record, and it is just what we wanted to track. I am so impressed with Eric McConnell, the lovely gent who recorded us, and Andy Willhite for making it happen. I can't wait to share it with everyone. I am truly grateful to the wonderful people involved and feel so lucky to get to hang out and make music with these amazing people.

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