Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Madeline L’Engle
I have read about five of her young adult books in the past week, three of which I’ve read before, but just love them so much I had to have a do-over. She never compromised with dumbing down the characters, subject matter, or vocabulary, even though the books were for kids. It also reminds me why I became fascinated with literature.

Charles Baudelaire
We share the same birthday, April 9th. His Les Fleurs du mal is fantastic, and my favorite poem right now is, “Elevation,” which coordinates with my recent appetite for Madeline L’Engle books and their general themes. He’s irascible, that one.

Three Dog Nights
The actual phrase, not the band, although I am ok with those musician fellows. It’s been bitterly cold for Nashville - 20 degrees less than normal for the season - and it helps to have a canine companion that weighs 80+ pounds and has a penchant for sleeping on our feet. Thanks, Gonzie!

Coffee and Tea
I’ve been drinking a lot of these lately. I took a hiatus for a while, but the warmth and caffeine are back in my life and I love them for it.

Making Your Own Bread
Since I’ve been broke and unemployed, I’ve had a bit of time on my hands. I am getting better at cooking and have just started dipping a toe into the scary pool of baking. But my first attempt at Cumin Bread was stellar.

Fun Socks
I bought fun socks (knee high mostly) for Christmas and I love them. They give me color in this freezing tundra called Nashville. I need something to help me with these winter blues.

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