Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Ladies!

Belle Archer

Born in Easton, Pennsylvania - the daughter of the local postmaster, James Mingle - Belle Mingle Archer was a versatile actress and vocalist in the 1880s. The artist shone as Pitti-Sing in "The Mikado" at the Union Square Theatre in 1885. In that same year, Archer enjoyed a great hit as Tom Chickweed in "Alone in London," a melodrama, with Wallack's Theatre company. Here the actress poses in a snowy scene at the Falk studio in New York City. Archer was married to Herbert Archer, an actor who was best known for playing villains.

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Alphons Mucha, Spring 1896

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Maude Fealy
(March 4, 1883 – November 9, 1971) was an American stage and film actress. Fealy first gained public notice as a silent film actress, and successfully adapted to performing both on the stage, and, later, successfully adapted to acting in films with sound, a feat that many of her peers never successfully accomplished.

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Polaire was the stage name used by French singer and actress Émilie Marie Bouchaud (May 14, 1874 – October 14, 1939).

Born at Agha, Algiers, Algeria, she began her show-business career as a café singer, at age 15. At 17, she joined her older brother in Paris, France. Eventually adopting the stage name Polaire, she worked as a music-hall singer; in 1895, her fame increased significantly when Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's sketch of her appeared in the satirical magazine Le Rire.

A gifted comedic actress, she became one of the major celebrities of her day.

At a time when tightlacing among women was in vogue, she was famous for her tiny, corsetted waist, which was sometimes reported to have a circumference no greater than 14 inches Talk of her figure and her lavish overdressing in fur coats and dazzling jewels preceded her appearances wherever she went.

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Fannie Ward (June 22, 1872 - January 27, 1952) was both a famous vaudeville and silent film actress.

Fannie Ward was born in St. Louis, Missouri and made her stage debut in 1890 in Peppina. She went on to become a very successful stage star for many years to come. Around 1890, she sailed for London and made a hit in music halls there, as well. She married diamond broker Joe Lewis who was worth an estimated $50 million. After a short break, she went back to the stage, returning to the United States in 1907. While playing in Madame President in 1913-1914, she divorced Lewis. In January 1916, she married her leading man, John Dean (1874-1950).

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