Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lunchtime List

image taken on Demonbreun by Cabbage.

I wasn't sure if the legend behind this was real or not, but it is, and it's a historical registered landmark. But I've got better pictures than that.
Have you ever noticed that when people come out with the "new fashions" for the season, there's always posts about "nautical stripes" and "hairbands" and "boho chic" and then there's one weird thing where they "go out on a limb" to predict what people are going to wear which is, "boyfriend jeans" which means, "baggy jeans rolled up." Or "this year it's overalls!?!" or "gaucho pants" or "harem pants." What about "skorts?" In reality, it's the same every year. Really. No link here, just a rant. Fashion industry, I see through you! (insert evil laugh here)

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georgia b. said...

hey, i know that street!!

awesome photo!

i have not been here in so so long. just listened to your new recording that you put a few posts up from this one. sounds great! love the cover art, too!