Monday, April 12, 2010


Pink Lady Apples
Sweet and tart - oh how i love them!

This movie is incredible. Seriously. It is campy, totally gross (as far as the zombie-eating-human thing goes) but magnificent! I really loved it and I normally don’t care for zombie movies. Woody Harrelson stole the show - the end, where he cowboyed-it-up - it was totally made the entire movie.

How have I not eaten these before? I love lentils. Can’t get enough of them.

Planet Earth Series
The BBC version is the best so don’t get the one with Sigourney Weaver as the narrator. David Attenborough is waaaaay better. I love animal/nature/history pictorials and this one is the best I’ve ever seen. I am on the second and third discs, and I highly recommend them. They are available at the library.

El Burrito Mexicano at the Farmer’s Market
Holy crap. Forgive me, but seriously, this is the best kept secret in Nashville. Judge and I went to the Farmer’s Market early this past Sunday and was hoping we’d find breakfast and boy did we! I got a cheese omelet and Taylor got a burrito with jalapenos, onions, peppers, and hashbrowns in it - it was all delicious. I cannot tell you how good their hashbrowns/home fries are. (They called them both names, so I don’t know what they were exactly, but they were potatoes, and they had delicious onions in them.) I can’t wait to go back and have their lunch. (They advertised tamales!)

The Farmer’s Market
I want to give this it’s own recommendation. It has been in operation since the early 1800s, and just walking around the open air stalls makes you feel better about buying produce NOT IN THE GROCERY STORE. I am truly trying to buy better food, and although you have to ask the vendors if they are local and organic, etc., it is so much better than the produce you buy at the store. Get out and support your local farmers!

Birthday in Springtime
Although I cannot suggest a birthday-date to you, I can suggest how amazing it is to celebrate in the springtime, outdoors, turning 31. I think everyone should do it. I am so thankful for friends and family, for things getting a little easier around our household with freelance work and warming temperatures, and for my health and home.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Yes, it is zany and sort of Hangover-esque. I don't think it is as good as the Hangover, but I did laugh out loud a couple of times. My question is - why does John Cusack take himself so seriously? He seems to have lost his...well, pizazz? Funny bone? Something. But Rob Cordery steals the show and the young dude is pretty good too. But really, not as good as I thought it was going to be.

Patchouli Plant
I know it is hippie of me, but I have ALWAYS loved the scent of patchouli. It smells like the earth after it’s been turned, or right after a rainstorm. Yes, I know that smell is generally called, “rot” or “decomposition” but I love the earthy, pungent smell. I bought a plant over the weekend at the farmer’s market and I can’t wait for it to mature and really stink up my back yard.


holly wynne said...

1979 baby? Me too :). Only I celebrate mine on one of the hottest days of the year (in August).

Fantastic list!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm. lentils.
and yeah, that mexican place at the farmer's market is super good.